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SCCM Table details

We are trying to create a report that shows what activities App Broker has performed on a weekly basis.  Right now we are able to generate a report showing package name, date, time, approval status, etc... However, we can't find how to add the "actio...

Solved SetAlternateApproverAndOutOfOffice API

Has anyone experience of using the SetAlternateApproverAndOutOfOffice API (in AppPortal 2019 R1). Does it behave exactly as it says in the doco – or is there anything I need to watch out for?   Thanks

NicOla by Level 7
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Solved Order on Behalf of Limit

Is there a limit on the number of users/machines you can 'order on behalf of' with App Portal 2019? We can never add more that 10. Is there a setting I can update to increase this? Thanks

NicOla by Level 7
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Solved Security group provisioning - Remove on uninstall

Hello,our customer is using App Portal 2021R2 and SCCM as deployment technology.According to the administration guide, the security groups provisioning functions as follows: "In the event the program is uninstalled using SCCM App Portal, the user wil...

secgroups.png secgroupprovisioning.png
Tipadu by Level 4
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Solved My App Software Reclamation Reminder Notification?

We are implementing My Apps in App Portal and are working on how the entire process will work from the end users point of view.  We have the initial email configured to send to the end user asking if they use the software any longer.  If the user ind...