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ServiceNow logs?

When using ServiceNow as the front-end for making App Portal requests, are there log files generated that shows actions initiated from ServiceNow to App Portal?  If so, where are these located?



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If you open the RITM and look under Related Links, you'll see a link for Show Workflow and a link for Workflow Context.  The Show Workflow link will display a visual diagram of the path the request took through the workflow.  The Workflow Context link is where you'll find the workflow logs.  Once you click Workflow Context, you can scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Workflow Logs tab.  The order in which the entries are displayed may not always be properly chronological even if you re-sort them by date created (some will have the same date/time stamp and may display out of order), so you can reference the Show Workflow link to see the path it took and map those steps back to the log entries.

I've attached a ZIP file with a Problem Steps Recorder recording for reference.  (only displays properly when the MHT is opened in Internet Explorer - not sure why it doesn't work with Edge or Chrome)

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