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Server domain move - installing 2021 R2 over existing DB

Our cloud team just moved our App Portal development servers from one domain to another and the domains can't cross reference each other.  I need to install App Portal on an existing database that was created in the previous domain.

Are there any updates I need to make when performing the installation or can I just install on the existing database in the new domain?  Do I need to make any updates in App Portal configuration settings?

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I forgot to mention that I did uninstall App Portal before the server domain move

Two settings that are not exposed in the UI, may need to be updated.. These are located in WD_AppSettings:


Both should reflect the domain where App Broker resides. I'd also be sure that the forests/domains under site management->Active Directory->integration reflect the expected domains. It may be that everything will get updated correctly in the DB when you uninstall/reinstall, but I wanted to point them out.