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This article provides a list of issues resolved in App Portal/App Broker 2018 R1 version


This article provides a list of issues resolved in App Portal/App Broker 2018 R1 version.


App Portal 2018 R1 version includes the following fixes:
IOJ-1891582Basic Authentication throws Authorization has been denied for this request.
IOJ-1890179User Log files are going to a normal log files location when having multiple forests.
IOJ-1889715Majority of WD_UserComputerMap table has NULL for user IDs. Impacting Production.
IOJ-1888407Deadlocks in production environment.
IOJ-1888037Repeated Retire Campaigns are not uninstalling.
IOJ-1887163Error deleting inactive user computer maps.
IOJ-1885691During In Place Migration of ROB scenario the Choose Existing Application screen does not appear.
IOJ-1883732Status not updated when application has multiple deployment types.
IOJ-1883130Security groups not completely processed.
IOJ-1882613My Apps process does not finish processing all machines.
IOJ-1882163Automatic reclamation request failing when limit request on behalf of target is set.
IOJ-1880515App Portal upgrader fails to upgrade the MyApps folder.
IOJ-1879515Alerts which are regenerated after the "threshold" period are not displayed under My Current Alerts.
IOJ-1878932Not able to view detailed status for packages/task sequences.
IOJ-1878440SSL Security error when running App Portal 2017 R2 SP1 install.
IOJ-1876815Using a template to create catalog items sets the CatalogCost to NULL.
IOJ-1874274Multiple remedy tickets are created when device cannot be inserted into collection.
IOJ-1873799Allow option to point My Apps Unused SW alert to a "specific" catalog item for uninstall.
IOJ-1872100Device not removed from static group when canceling request.
IOJ-1868506CIs associated with FUID cannot be opened if FNMS is down or under a heavy load.
IOJ-1864850Request details view does not get displayed after upgrade.
IOJ-1864843Devices are not removed from collection on Successful install when language is not English.
IOJ-1861762NULL value in Catalog cost causes Error in Clone Migrate Compare.
IOJ-1858820Problems implementing SAML in Customer Environment.
IOJ-1857577My Apps Page does not display strings for English locale.
IOJ-1857012Get Machines List calls are failing Intermittently.
IOJ-1856668Datasync.log not getting updated to specified larger file size.
IOJ-1855787My Apps process completely stops with an exception when a machine with a null user mapping is encountered.
IOJ-1854184UpdateCatalogImage method does not update the icon if that icon name already exists.
IOJ-1854166App Portal's ignoring the My Apps include/exclude views when processing alerts.
IOJ-1841169App Portal upgrader should have an option to deselect the validation.
IOJ-1836040Deadlocks in customer environment impacting production.
IOJ-1812007Allow for security groups to use the CN or samaccountname as normal functionality.
IOJ-1774761SLB Security Test - Missing Cross-Frame Scripting Defense.
IOJ-1774760SLB Security Test - Missing "X-Content-Type-Options" header.
IOJ-1770684Mandatory advertisement setting is not being set for applications.
IOJ-1740978"Add to group on request / approval" fails when AD Group is on Child Domain.
IOJ-1887016AECOM: Can't get RejectRequest API to work.
IOJ-1804366Request for Data Sync to consider duplicate Users and Computers.
IOJ-1840332Orders taking a long time to process.
IOJ-1767440Update custom computer sync to include new IPAddress and OperatingSystem fields.
IOJ-1881028GetFNMPCustomViewWithMultipleFilters method throwing exceptions.
IOJ-1877346Datasync is not deleting UC mappings that don't meet the custom UC map query.
IOJ-1879711Collation Conflict in ExecuteGetAllUsersByUniqueName method.
IOJ-1849258Server error 500 when making REST API call, when saving settings.
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