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Logout functionality for app broker/App Portal

Maybe I missed it in the documentation but is there logoff/logout functionality for app broker? There is a security requirement to have functionality for users to logout of App Portal. Also is there a way to automatically log out for stale sessions? Similar to the functionality present in Flexera One portal.

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Unfortunately, there is no logout functionality for App Portal.  By default, sessions will time out after 20 minutes of inactivity and will require reauthentication to complete certain tasks (like checkout).  If you are using Windows authentication and logged in from a domain-joined machine, that reauthentication will happen automatically.  Likewise, if you are using SSO authentication and you are already authenticated to your identity provider, that reauthentication will happen automatically.  Other scenarios will prompt for authentication.

If logout functionality is absolutely essential, I would suggest you submit an Idea requesting it.  I know I have heard this question come up before, so it is likely other customers would vote for it.

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