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Chrome web extension error

We've been encountering a situation where users open App Portal using Chrome and they immediately get this error in the browser: 

<gupdate xmlns="" protocol="2.0">
<app appid="ndbnngpgjlocahjdbkbjgfeifjnnlfhd">
<updatecheck codebase="http://<server name>/esd/Downloads/Chrome/WebExtensions/Chrome.crx" version="2.0"/>

The url in the browser when this occurs is 

http://<server name>/esd/Downloads/Chrome/WebExtensions/UpdateXML.aspx?os=win&arch=x64&os_arch=x86_64&nacl_arch=x86-64&prod=chromecrx&prodchannel=&prodversion=83.0.4103.116&lang=en-US&acceptformat=crx3&x=id%3Dndbnngpgjlocahjdbkbjgfeifjnnlfhd%26v%3D0.0.0.0%26installsource%3Dnotfromwebstore%26installedby%3Dpolicy%26uc

If the user keeps the browser open and goes to App Portal home again it works.  Looking for ideas on why this is happening and how to resolve it

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How long ago did you install the App Portal Web Extension install?  We have made some  changes to it in recent months and from the look of the error I think that might be the issue.  I have not been able to produce this error you are getting but from looking at what you sent I think you might have the old Web Extension install.  

We installed the web extensions with 2019R1 so its been quite a while.  Is the latest version a standalone download in the product and license center?

Thanks for the quick reply

One additional follow up I have on this - we have the settings in App Portal configured to use Active X first (we are still on IE 9) and DNS as the fallback.  The web.config file isn't using the web extensions even though we have a GPO policy in place.  Why would we get the error if we're using Active X and DNS as the fallback?  It seems the web extensions should only come into play if they are in the web.config file.  Did something change with how the device name is found where it always looks for web extensions?

That message is not an error, that page is the old way we did web extensions.  What you are seeing is XML info about web extensions.   In general no matter what browser you are using you should never be going to this page unless you manually going there.  This page is info the web extensions sees and not a page an end user would see.  My belief would be is if IE is going to this page it is not because of web extensions it is because this URL was entered into the address, same goes for chrome. 

I have  created you a case and attached the new web extension install to it so you can download it and give that a try.  This new EXE has no parameters you just install it.  The only thing that needs to be done in Chrome is on the extensions page the developer option needs to be on before you install the EXE and the old install needs to be removed prier to installing the new EXE.  The case I created for you is 02166510. If you log into your account you should see it in your list and should be able to download the exe.

Hi, I'm seeing this too, did the new EXE fix the issue for you?



No the new web extensions did not resolve this issue.  There is a redirect still happening when users open Chrome.  I have an open ticket that support is working on.

Thanks, currently only one user has reported this to me. He saw it multiple times last week, but it hasn't appeared this week.

Hopefully you get a fix soon. Good Luck.