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App Portal redundancy

I need to set up disaster recovery for App Portal and have some questions and wondering if anyone has done this.

Datacenter 1 - Current production app server and database running behind an F5.  The F5 currently handles SSL

Datacenter 2 - DR app server and database server.  Our company requirement is the app and web server must both fail over.

The server team just copied the production database to the DR database server.  I'm going to install App Portal (same version as production) on the new app server and point to the newly restored database.

Once these are set up, then we would stop the ESD service on the DR app server, set up mirroring and keep the app folders in sync then move it behind the F5.

As long as these two app and database servers are not mirroring each other during the install I don't think  there should be an issue but I wanted to see if there might be anything  haven't thought of.


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Thanks for sharing your thoughts and insights on this @TeriStevenson. The approach you've suggested generally sounds OK to me to try out to try to get this to work - let us know how it goes!

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