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.ini file issue

I have an .ini file that I am copying using installshield. Here is the problem;

When the application launches it automatically creates the same .ini file and overwrites the one that I copied during the installation.

How can I stop this behavior using AdminStudio?

I am pretty new to AdminStudio so details steps will be much appreciated.
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Does Windows Installer Repair actually overwrite the originally installed INI or does the application itself overwrite the INI?

If it's the app, there isn't awhole lot you can do about that.
It's the app. Anyone else with other ideas?
If you make the INI read only or otherwise restrict access to the file, does the application throw an exception and fail or does it move along and work?

Have you tried to reverse engineer the application? Try to understand why it wants to do what its doing and address it if possible. Perhaps two INI values are mutually exclusive so it decides to correct one of them. Maybe if you correct the other one it won't need to do anything.

Maybe you could grep the EXE for strings and hack it with a Hex editor to get it to write to a different INI file.

Maybe you can reflect/decompile the app and change it.

Really, without knowing what the app is, what it does and why, it's really difficult to try to give you any meaningful assistance.