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Adminstudio 8.5 - Adminstudio.exe Massive Memory Leak

We have recently upgraded to Adminstudio 8.5 and found when Adminstudio.exe is running the mem usage will constantly increase. In fact we left 6 machines running overnight and found it has take up over 1gb of memory on most of the machines in some cases it had taken up 1.7gb. We are currently logging this problem with Macrovision Installshield can anyone else who is running 8.5 checks there Windows Task Manager to see if there are getting the same results?

We utilise the tools tab with many of are own toolsets and we use workflow manager enterprise interface so adminstidio is required. Work abounds would be of course to launch the tools from there separate shortcuts and use i.e. for workflow.

Its not usable at all and I would recommend not upgrading until this problem is resolved with some hotfix or service pack.
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We have now found after clicking around that the memory and cpu usage increases when you select one of the custom tools we have created these are mostly vbscript shortcuts. If you have admijstudio.exe open on screen and just click around you will notice the memory increase, however if you minimise the memory goes right down, and then maximise the memory starts going up again :rolleyes: