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MSI contains registry but doesnt install ..

HiI've built an msi from a snapshot of an install captured using repackager, the msi ran ok, and installed the files but there were registry odbc information which is present in the msi but isnt copying down with the installation files, any ideas? I ...

Loufel by Level 2
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Handling Reboots

The Repackaging Wizard isn't automatically starting after a package requires a reboot. Here are the details:I am having a problem with the Repackaging Wizard and Borland C++ Builder 5. The C++ Builder installation requires a reboot. At the end of ...

Repackager does not save excluded shortcuts

Hello everyone,I'm seeing something odd with Repackager 9.5. I'm trying to exclude a couple of shortcuts. After I excluding the shortcuts, I click save but when I re-open the IRP, the shortcuts appear to be not excluded. I've tried to exclude the ...

Adminstudio 9.5 on WinServer 2008R2 64Bit

I try to install Adminstudio 9.5 standart Edition (pert of Novell ZCM10) on a fresh installed Windows Server standart 2008R2 64 bit.The installation is without problems. But when I start the Adminstudio it wants to create a catalog and install Micros...

Error when running .MSI

I captured a .exe as it was running, and was trying to create a .MSI I can push out to our users. Some are running WinXP, some are on Windows 7.When I try to run the MSI on a Windows 7 install, I'm getting:The install cannot continue because a syste...

Install Condition

Hi,After building an .isp to .msi in the Repacker (islc.exe), it generates a Install condition: MsiSystemRebootPending<>1When I run the .msi it gives the following message:The installation can not continue because a system reboot is pending.If a de...

AdminStudio & Automated Application Converter Options

Hi,I have installed AdminStudio 9.5 Eval version to test the "Automated Application Converter - Tool". But after installation there is no automated Application Converter Shortcut in Startmenue. The second possibility is to start the Tool by launch th...

Adobe Table 3.0 - repackaging issues

Hi guys, I'm currently in the process of repackaging Adobe PageMaker 6.5 and I've run into a problem I can't get rid off.Initially I had the issue where, if logged in as a User Pagemaker would try to repair itself and then ask for the source.Fixed th...

wilch79 by Level 2
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Uninstall based upon GUID

Ok, this is my first post and I am pretty new to AdminStudio even though our company has owned a license for the past 4 or so years. Previous admin was promoted so I get to try to figure out how to use this product. So far it feels like somebody ha...