Files added to existing MSI are not found in %temp% on installation.

Hi all.

I have an MSI package that I am editing and adding files to using Adminstudio 9.5.
When I add the files in, I'm asked whether to leave uncompressed, or add to a CAB file. I add them uncompressed and save the MSI.
Now when I check the MSI directory, I can see the new added files under the complete directory structure (program files\this program\new files\).

The MSI has a setup.exe.
The setup.exe must be used to launch the MSI as a requirement (it sends the correct language strings).

When I launch the setup, it runs the MSI from the %temp% directory, but I receive a 1309:Error reading file.
This error appears because the files that I have added do not exist in the %temp% area.

If I manually drag/drop the files into the root of %temp%, then the installer runs perfectly.
Is there anyway to get the MSI to "extract" these files correctly so that no manual intervention is required, or is this likely a function of the setup.exe which doesn't know about the files I have added outside of the installer package?

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Re: Files added to existing MSI are not found in %temp% on installation.

Hi There,

It sounds like the solution to this is to use a new *.cab file, since this should give you the option to stream it into the MSI package.

Was this originally an InstallShield-built setup.exe?
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