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Anybody still using AMS 2.5?

We are unfortunately still running AMS 2.5. I would love to upgrade to Workflow Manager, but the boss won't come up with the money for it. We need to move our AMS database off of SQL 2000. Does anyone know if AMS 2.5 will run on SQL 2008?Thanks,Mi...

mkusic by Level 3
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Application Manager - ASTTestAssessmentProc Error

Since the update from AdminStudio 2012 Spring to AdminStudio 2013 I'm getting the followng pop-up message when selecting the 'Test Center' tab in the Application Manager window and that message is: Could not find stored procedure 'ASTestAssessmentPro...

Karl__ by Level 3
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Treating .ini files as normal text files

I'm trying to repackage MikTeX using the snapshot method of the repackager in AdminStudio 11.0 SP1I can capture everything but when I try to build the MSI it fails because there are a lot of .ini files which don't conform to the normal standards for ...

advice for Application Catalog and Shared Location

My company is transitioning from Wise Package Studio 8.0 to AdminStudio 11.5 SP2. We have two packagers in the same office in the U.S., and one packager overseas in India. Currently we're not using any sort of Wise functionality to manage our applica...

Repackaging Adobe Acrobat Standard by using AdminStudio

Dear Everyone, I was trying to re-pack the Acrobat Standard 10 by using AdminStudio, however it was failed and hold in the Adobe Printer installation.I already try to do it in a clear platform (Win7 with new set of AdminStudio)Any suggestion to fix t...

Automated Application Converter Eval Issue

I get errors when trying to Convert to Virtual Packages. VMware Workstation is on a different PC than the Adminstudio install. I don't know if that is the problem or not....[2:08:26 Host System - (none)] Processing packages...[2:08:26 Host System - S...

Assigning work is sending completed emails?

We are using Workflow Manager 6.5. We set up email to go out when the phase is completed. Instead it's sending the completed email when the phase is assigned to someone to work on it.We also had an issue last week with phases completing when someon...

Tammy13 by Level 2
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ETA on AdminStudio 12.0?

Anyone have any information on an expected release date for AdminStudio 12.0? I assume it will be sometime this year. If there is not a known date, does Flexera have a target Quarter of this year they are shooting for?Thanks,MSIFTW

MSIFTW by Level 2
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API Calling thorugh Powershell.Please help.

Hi,I am trying to call Test-ASCompatibility API from powershell.This API runs all the tests that are there in the "Select Tests to Execute" Wizard.Is there any option that I can select or mention the particular tests I want to execute while calling t...