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ISDEV error 5008

I'm getting this error using repackager in AdminStudion version 11 with SP1ISDEV : error -5008: Intel64 or AMD64 must be specified in the template of the Summary StreamWhat does it mean and how do I fix it?I'm trying to capture an install of MiKTeX 2...

Reports Error

We are running AS 11.5 SP2. This may pertain to Workflow Manager also.Our workstation team has been using AdminStudio tools to create apps, but have not really used the full product. They are finally setting it up to help manage their products. We ra...

Windows 8 Repackaging Issue

AdminStudio 11.5 SpringWindows 8 x64When running the Repackaging Wizard on a Windows 8 x64 bit system, I am encountering either an error message or the system will Blue Screen.The repackaging method is the “Installation Monitoring” which is the defau...

Conflict Manager

Is anyone seeing the conflict manager or app manager freezing on large imports? I can't seem to get a successful import.

howyii by Level 4
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OS Snapshot entries not appearing after import

Folks, I'm on v7.5 of Flexnet, and after importing a new OS snapshot, it tells me it was successful, alaOS snapshot importation of file information in progress.OS snapshot importation of INI file information in progress.OS snapshot importation of sho...

App-V 5 and AdminStudio 11.5

I'm new to the App-V scene and was wondering since the upgrade to App-V 5.0, can AdminStudio Virtualization Pack resequence older .sft files? I have not seen or found a way to do this. I afraid several of my old .sft files (I inherited MSI creations ...

mrgimpy by Level 2
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Os Snapshot import

Just a quickie...Platform: AdminStudio 11 Enterprise SQL 2008 EnterpriseOS snapshot completed. When trying to import into application manager I cannot select the .osc file created. In fact while browsing to the directory folder (network share) there ...