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Absolute beginner question

I am looking into changing careers and go into packaging and other Flexera certifications. The trial version which I could even get a response about is for 21 days, which I doubt is enough  to learn such a complex suite. What would be the best course...

How-to Run script from Installed files

Hi, I am new to Admin Studio, just purchased it. I am packaging some files and scripts in an MSI With Admin StudioI want to run one of the scripts from the installed files locally on the destination computer after the installation of the files.  (Als...

CWE_MAN by Level 2
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Intune Deployment Data

Is it possible to add new properties and values to the App Information for Intune Deployment Data? I'd like to be able to add things such as Scope Tags.

Poweshell import script

I’m trying to modify the import poweshell script, but need more information on the Envronment Settings/Values? I listed those below on which I need guidance.Also, are there commandlets or a powershell script that will convert an application to Intune...

AdminStudio 2015 Enterprise

Hallo together, Is there still a viable option to utilize Admin Studio 2015, and if so, where can I find the download? It seems to have been removed from the list of products available for download on the website.

RealVNC admin studio not being detected

Hi all,I'm having issues with my admin studio not detecting RealVNC VNC viewer on backlog in admin studio. Even when I have the correct characters as we base it off what the package feed module said. It still not being detectedRegards, 

Solved Logitech Options + Business package

Product Name: Logitech Logi Options+Product Version: Same as Logitech Logi Options+ Comments: This is the offline version of Logitech options+ which is used for packaging which what we require not the user version which what admin studio is downloadi...

Solved AdminStudio Questions

Hi, can you help me answer the following questions from my potential AdminStudio customer? -Evaluation licensing is invalidated if I try to restore a VM snapshot with AdminStudio already installed. I’m guessing this is a protection mechanism to keep ...

SonnyLee by Level 3 Flexeran
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