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Problems with merge module detection in AdminStudio 5.5

I am trying to use AdminStudio 5.5 to package simple legacy applications, but have a major problem with getting it to recognise merge modules correctly, so the resulting MSIs break my target workstations. In the specific example I am supplying here, ...

Roxio Easy CD Creator Basic 6

I'm having trouble building a .msi package for Roxio Easy CD Creator Basic 6. If anyone has gotten this to work please let me know anything special you had to do.I'm trying to get this to work via GPO on Windows XP machines. The .msi that comes on th...

HKCU keys not getting installed

Hi All,I have a problem with HKCU\software\odbc keys not getting installed when a new user logs into the machine.I have worked out that if I advertise the shortcut the HKCU\software\odbc keys will be entered into the registry when the user starts the...

WKdir Not working

I am amending an old package to change the wkdir for the app.before I was using a Property ICAPSDATAPATH to point at F:\icaps\win_pgmsI have now changed that Property to point at \\VIR0107\AppData\ICAPS32\now it won't build and is giving me the error...

CChong by Level 11 Flexeran
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Dont Display Welcome Dialog For MSI Files

Hi All, I am trying to create an MSI and MST file to install an application. I am just learning the package at the moment, so I am just trying to install a load of dummy files to a directory on the HDD.My problem is I don’t want the application to be...

CChong by Level 11 Flexeran
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Installshield repackager

There is one application we are repackaging which updates certain system files and after that the system reboots and then proceeds with the installation.We used snapshot to capture this installation.There is are inconsistent results of this - 1) Afte...

CChong by Level 11 Flexeran
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Calling external scripts

HiI'm testing AdminStudio \ Tuner to create custom transforms for deploying apps. What I want to know is there a way to call a script (cmd file) that is on the system once the install has completed.The reson I ask this is that the ORC for 2000 has a...

CChong by Level 11 Flexeran
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Creating Windows User

Is there a way to create an operating system user using Installshield developer. I am using windows 2000. thank you

Writing to S-1-5-21-XXXXXX\Software\ ?

I have a program that creates and looks for user specific data in the following registry branch (it does not pay attention to HKEY_CURRENT_USER):HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-XXXXXXXXX-etc\Software\Is there anyway to write to that key when the software is inst...

BCM4309 by Level 8
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