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Problems with merge module detection in AdminStudio 5.5

I am trying to use AdminStudio 5.5 to package simple legacy applications, but have a major problem with getting it to recognise merge modules correctly, so the resulting MSIs break my target workstations.

In the specific example I am supplying here, it has failed to include the three merge modules for MS Common Dialog Control 6.0, MS Flexgrid Control and MS Windows Common Controls (6.0). They have been included by Repackager, as can be seen in the captured data, but when imported to DevStudio it includes them as files in SYSTEM32, rather than redistributables.

If I perform the exact same installation using AdminStudio 3.5 then the correct merge modules are detected and included, so this is clearly an AdminStudio 5.5 problem.

I have re-downloaded all merge modules from the InstallShield site. Under Tools, Options, Merge Modules the search behaviour settings for 'same version' and 'same location' are both UNCHECKED.

The attached zip file is a copy of the captured install and the resulting .ism file. All I have removed is the .msi output file as that made the zip too big to upload.

Does anyone have any ideas what is wrong here? I desperately need to migrate to AdminStudio 5.5, but until I can get it to reliably detect merge modules I cannot use it.

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Hello Graham,

Are the msms listed in Build Log.txt after 'Applying merge modules' ? Probably not, and usually a file version mismatch is to blame.

Adding this line in options.ini should pick up the msm (if it is in the repackager share)

To point to your share add following to options.ini

Hope it helps,

Yessss!!!! That fixed it up, the options.ini file had the line

A couple of questions remain:

1. Is this parameter NOT controlled by the 'check for same version' tick box under Tools, Options, Merge Modules? I have just reconfirmed that this is off in my setup. If not, what does that tick box set? (and if it IS it doesn't seem to work if I have to edit the options.ini manually!).

2. How can I set this so that that option is the default, rather than having to edit options.ini manually on each repackager run?

Comments from InstallShield staff would be particularly welcome!

Thanks again,

I am glad it worked.
let me try and explain why..

1. the MM options in DevStudio only check for MSMs when you add files in DevStudio.

2. options.ini is the way to go when you repackage. you will find one in the AdminStudio repackager share (where isrepackager.exe sits). It gets copied each time you repackage, so change it there and you are done.


Sorry, I was being real dumb last Friday - going down with the 'flu as it turned out. It makes a lot more sense to me now!

It looks like InstallShield added this parameter to Repackager but didn't document it in the default options.ini file. Why they have made the default the exact opposite of the behaviour in DevStudio is a total mystery.

Anyway, thanks again for your assistance.