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*** Shortcut Creation Problem***

Our base Windows 98 SE image has profiles enabled. The Start Menu is NOT shared among users/profiles, meaning if user A installs software A and then user B logs into the machine, user B cannot see the program group for software A - EVEN if the .msi is created/installed PER MACHINE. We use Novell ZENworks to manage our workstations and software. Using ZEN user B can "verify" software A and it will the be available to user B in the Start Menu. The weird thing is that apps that were repackaged with snapshot create shortcuts properly when verified through NAL or "repaired" through the .msi directly. Apps repackaged with install monitoring DO NOT create shortcuts when verified through NAL or "repaired" through the .msi directly. I've tried ALL variations of the ALLUSERS= property without success. This is VERY weird, does anyone have any ideas?


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If you look at the ISM what are the differences between the shortucts created with each method. Perhaps one is using the ALLUSERSPROFILE property whereas the other is using the ProgramMenuFolder directory property. I've seen that cause slightly unusual behaviour a while back...

If I remember correctly when you run install monitor on an installation that is per machine it creates the shortcuts under/in the ALLUSERSPROFILE property. This has always been a problem for me on Windows 98. What I do is delete the shortcuts that are created and create them in the shortcuts view in developer under "Programs Menu". Even doing this I still have a problem on Windows 98 with shortcut creation for subsequent users. NO issue with snapshot created .msi packages.

Any ideas?