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Legacy Conversion - SMS Installer

I am trying to establish how good AdminStudio is at converting SMS Installer packaged apps to MSI format.

What "hit-rate" does it have at this conversion in practice and what do we need to watch out for. Any advice is appreciated.

Many thanks
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Tips for SMS conversion:

1. All the files that were available to the original SMS installation project must be available to the converted installation at the exact same locations.

2. Because SMS installations are based on a different technology than Windows Installer, not all elements of a SMS installation are converted. Only the installation of files, registry changes, INI Files, ODBC, NT Services, Fonts, Shortcuts, Variables, and other system changes are converted.

3. Custom logic written in SMS's custom scripting language is not converted.

4. SMS environment variable assignments are not converted. To re-add environment variable assignments in a Windows Installer installation, open the converted project in InstallShield Developer and use the Environment Variable view.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions.
Can you please tell me how to perform installation in multiple nodes using SMS. Is there any reference site which provides the exact steps to perform the same.
Any help would be appriciated!!
Thanks in Advance