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JAWS pdf creator repackaging

HI,I'm currently trying to deploy JAWS pdf creator, and am having severe problems trying to repackage the app. (similarly to when i tried to do Acrobat until we found the deployment tool!!!!)The actual setup.exe is accompanied by a .inx file, which a...


I recently bought some smart cards, but the software is installed with a traditional exe file. I want to repackage the setup to an MSI file. It is easier for me to deploy the package via GPO.I've run the repackager with a OS snapshot and the system w...

Conditional Installation

Hi! I've had a quick look through the forums and haven't found a specific answer for this - hoping maybe someone can shed some light I'm repackaging a setup for deployment in my organization for a forms management piece of software. What I need the s...

Wierd problem, any ideas?

Basically I have repackaged an old snapshotted application into MSi using the re-packager however when the MSI installs varies classes root keys it seems to be adding a key that isnt inside the MSI, that I can find.Example of this below:This is one o...

Inabus by Level 6
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Disabling double-clicking the MSI to install?

Not really an AdminStudio question, but it's still MSI related...We have an issue where support will sometimes go directly to the MSI and doucble-click on it if they need to install it for whatever reason. With the increase number of transforms, the...

Repackaging minor issues

Hello, I'm repackaging an application that installs itself as a service through its own install. When I repackage the software the service does not show up until I reboot. Is there a way to circumvent the need for a reboot?Thank You

How to remove desktop icon from msi

Hi,I am trying to repackage a msi. I am creating a transform to the msi to remove the desktop icon using MST wizard. The wizard does not show me desktop icon of the app. If I open the msi in an edit mode, I do not see the desktop icon either. Also I ...

sue123 by Level 2
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Transform Bloat

For a number of releases we have seen that occasionally when preparing and saving a MST for a vendor supplied MSI it can bloat to the same size as the MSI. The MST is unusable and cant even be opened following this.Are we the only site that has exper...

Darrat by Level 3
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Development Position Available in Dallas, TX

The client we are currently working for has an opening for a Development position. These are the requirements:- Proficient in InstallShield Development of MSI packages in Basic and InstallScript setup types- Proficient with AdminStudio Repackaging - ...

LewisQ by Level 2
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Admin Studio and Office 2003 w/ SMS

first question... i'm running SMS 2003 and want to deploy apps. that's it. did I overbuy with Admin studio?On that note... I have a new installation of admin studio and SMS 2003 for deployment. I'm a noob to both... and as I'm sure you can appreciate...