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Suppress the reboot Microsoft .Net Framework_V 4.0

HI guys,

Am new to this repackaging.

I have a requierment from my client.After installing the Microsoft .Net Framework_V 4.0 the installer will promot a question to reboot the OS.

But clinet doesnt required this option. After installing the Microsoft .Net Framework_V 4.0 he need to continue as useual.

Does any dones this before please let me know

Thanks in advance,
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Hi Reddy,

What's the commandline you're using for .net 4.0? I would recommend adding /norestart to this.

But, be aware, there is a case where this might be required, if something is locking mscoree.dll. If after the .net 4 setup finishes, and mscoree.dll under System32 is not updated to 4.x, then a reboot is required.

The way to fix this issue is to identify using Process Explorer what process is locking this file prior to running the .net 4 install. By ensuring this is shut down, you can best ensure that a reboot won't be needed even when the prompt is suppressed.

Hope this helps!


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