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Create MSI installer

Hi all,

Just downloaded AdminStudio 11.5 SP1 trial version and tried to create simple MSI installer using Repackager as follows:

* Run the wizard to create initial snapshot
* Run our installation program
* Run the wizard to analyze the changes
* Open irp project in Repackager and click on "Build" button.

The build output:

Starting conversion ...
Creating InstallShield project: C:\Packages\MSI_Package\PASS.ism
Creating InstallShield project: C:\Packages\MSI_Package\PASS.Context.ism
Reading repackager output file
Loading registry entries
Applying language 'English (code 1033)' to the project
Creating components for the files captured

Now its several hours as it "Creating components...". The "Build" button is disabled and it looks like islc.exe fully utilize one of the machine CPUs, so I suppose it still in progress.

I run it on Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise VMWare machine with just Windows and AdminStudio installed.

Are there any estimation how much time should take the conversion process?
Is there a way to see the progress (in percent?)?
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can you reproduce this with another application? ( use a simple legacy setup)

(by the way, running AdminStudio on a "clean Machine" is not advised, but I see that you are using an eval. version of AdminStudio..)