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Shortcuts pointing to network locations

I have done a thorough search (at least I believe I did) of the Community and have found several posts identical to mine, but none of them had any answers (or any that resolved my question). So here it goes again.

All I need is a Shortcut that points to a URL (\\server\share\subdir\file.exe)

I add it into my component and it creates STRING ID's for all of the folders.

DIR1 = \\server\share
dir2 = subdir
and so on (it's actually 4 subdirs deep)

But still, when I build and run, I get a "Cannot access network location" error.

Now "I" don't have access to this share, but the users will. But I'd still rather not pass a package that has the possiblity of this error.

Is there a way to SUPPRESS the verification of the Shortcut Target.

(Incidently, if you try to just create a shortcut on the desktop, it does the same thing, so obviously it's a Microsoft thing)
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You will want to read up on this thread. For other discussions, please do a search on CostFinalize.