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Read a setting from an .INI file

By Level 11 Flexeran
Level 11 Flexeran
Gday folks,

I have a package that prompts the user for a setting, which is actually already contained in a .ini file on their workstations - I'd like to automate this step, so it reads the setting from the existing .INI file and passes it through to the installation. Anyone have any examples iof reading settings from .INI files using Installshield? My only other idea was to create a VBScript to set an environment variable.


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There are a number of INI related functions offered in InstallScript which can be incorporated into your installation.

Search the InstallShield Help Library (Help >> Search) for the topic 'Built-in Function Index.' More specifically, here are several which may help. Also, at the bottom of the main articles often times you will find links to example articles which illustrate the use of the command.

GetProfInt - Returns an integer from an .ini file.

GetProfString - Returns a string from an .ini file.

GetProfStringList - Retrieves lists of key names and string values from an .ini file