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Problems with unistalling

I have two simple apps that are just .dll and .ini files in a directory on the C drive. I can package this just fine. If I have only one app installed on a machine, I can uninstall no problem. If I have 2 or more of my packaged apps on a machine a...

leshon by Level 3
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InstallShield Repackager Hangs

While packaging Outlook 2003 , the Repackager file (inc) hangs while building it. The screen displays Loading Registries and it does not proceed beyond. The total number of registries capruted is 9400. Is this teh reason why it hangs.

CChong by Level 11 Flexeran
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Command line options in Response Transform

I'm using Admin Studio 9.01 and I have entered multiple commands in the command line properties window of tuner. When the exe. runs after hitting create it still asks me for options I want set in the command line properties. When I finish creating ...

leshon by Level 3
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Windows Desktop Search 4 - EXE to MSI

Hi,Has anyone had any success creating an MSI of this? I am having some issue's getting WDS 4 into an MSI format, ultimately to be deployed via GroupPolicy. Because the download is in an exe, it is suggested that the exe beput into an MSI wrapper.Her...

MSI Self Repair

Hi I have repackages Snagit Software using Admin Studio Standard 9.01 version.I am using Active Directory group policy Assign Software method to distribute software to client machines. Every time I restart the client machine, it kicks off msi repair ...

Program No Longer Runs Interactive From Add/Remove

Whe I upgraded to 9.0 there were some changes that I did not expect. My unistalles no longer run interactive, which I need. I fixed the shortcut easily (/i was changed to /x) but I don't know what to change to get back to interactive when I click rem...

Question to AdminStudio "Workflow Templates"

Dear Community,In AdminStudio 9.x i saw a interesting comment. On a clean AdminStudio Installation, if you watch at the Workflow Templates you'll see in Point 2 (Repackage a Legacy Application) this comment :- > "Confirm that AdminStudio is not insta...

RobMar by Level 3
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Distribute a retail media?

Hi All,Are there any contractual restrictions on distributing a RETAIL version of a software?If so, can somebody direct me to the writing agreements on the web.ThanksSooraj

Office 2007 to be imported in conflict checker

Hi All,I have a conflict checker where in we import all the application we package.Currently we have packaged Office 2007 pro plus(which is in exe/msp format).Conflict checker takes only the MSI in the database,there is no option to import non msi fo...

Repackaging MS Office 2007 Professional

Hi I have an application Repackaging issue and I would really appreciate any help on this.I repackaged Office 2007 Pro using Admin studio Repackager utility by Installation monitoring menthod. and created a build. when the deploy this package to the ...