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newbie's question about installshield products


currently, i am using developer 7 and thinking of purchasing newer versions. of couse there is developer 8, howerver i would like to have more options. i have read through product descriptions from InstallShield webpage. but to me, they all have same functionalities.

so can anyone tell me the difference between these product?


thank you
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Thank you for your question regarding some of InstallShield's products. I'm not terribly familiar with Express and vBuild (don't tell my boss ), but one thing I can tell you is that DevStudio 9.0 combines the features available in Developer 8.0 and Professional, plus added features such as an MSI/MST comparison tool and a new Export Component Wizard, which allows you to break off components and convert them into merge modules.

If you're looking to upgrade, I would recommend DevStudio 9.0. Please let us know if you have any other questions.
thank you !!