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Property does not be set during installation

Hi Everybody,

i have a custom application created with installshied editor from admin studio 9.5

this application needs Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 / 2008 Redistributable.

i used the system search for verifying if the uninstall strings from the redistributables are set in the registy unter hklm\.....\uninstall

first i created two properties, named REGEXIST and REGEXIST2. when i test the installation, the properties have always the value 0. When i look into the properties table, the value is set to 0.

From my understanding the setup does the following:

when the setup starts, it looks into the registry, if the uninstall strings are present, the properties get the value 1, if not present the value 0.

with these values i want to to a launch condition, but the property values are always the same.

is it not possible to change properties during the setup process?

best regards

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no answers mhm, let me say it in other words:

can i alter PROPERTIES during the installation process?
This looks like your registry search doesn't find the information you are looking for. You should be able to verify this in the install log.
Stefan Krueger
Yes, you can change PROPERTIES during install..
are you using the SystemSearch wizard?