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Repacked Firefox Upgrade Problem

So, I've repackaged Firefox with AdminStudio 6 (Hopefully I'll have a newer version soon) to make it easier to deploy. As far as the basic application installation goes everything is working great. However, I'm trying to make an installer that will both install firefox or upgrade from an older version if necessary.

Right now, when I try to install over I end up with 2 different firefox icons in the add/remove programs and removing both of them is the only way to completely firefox. Only removing one leaves me with which ever version I did not remove. ie I remove I get and vice versa.

I was able to find some information on msi upgrade codes, but I have been unable to get them working correctly, any help is greatly appreciated.
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Try opening the Editor Project that was created by Repackager. Then, add a Major Upgrade item in the Upgrades view and point it to the previous Firefox MSI package.

If you still have problems, generate a log and look for a property being set in the 'FindRelatedProducts' section:

Also, some misc. reference:
Thanks alot, turns out that I had been looking through the installer that had already been packaged instead of opening the repackager files. :rolleyes: Because of this I couldn't see the upgrade menu, but now I can. I will give this a shot later on.

Just for clarification is it important where the installer is that I choose for the upgrade?
Its not important along as information from previous version can be read by new version..
The location of the installer shouldn't matter. Pointing it to the previous package will only pull version information and the Upgrade code--after it has this, it won't reference it again.
Alright, I got it working. Thanks alot for all the help, now I can hopefully continue on to repackage most of the standard applications at work.