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Flexera Alumni

AdminStudio 2023 R2 Service Pack 1 is now live and available for download from the Product and License Center. This is a minor release of AdminStudio, yet with a great set of valuable features:

  • While AdminStudio’s Backlog Management capability helps you effectively manage your backlog of new package requests, with its ability to match your imported software inventory and new package requests against the applications in the Package Feed Module and the AdminStudio catalog, it also enables you to identify unmanaged applications in your inventory and import them into the catalog, to bring the identified unmanaged applications under your supervision and management. This release of AdminStudio introduces a set of new reports to provide you with a comprehensive snapshot of the package requests in your backlog, for example: how many of your package requests are covered by the Package Feed Module, how many are already available in your catalog, how many of them are subscribed for automation, etc. enabling you to take decisions for better backlog management.
  • An Intunewin package must have a detection rule for its deployment to the endpoints from Microsoft Intune so, it becomes mandatory to add at least one detection rule to the Intunewin packages in AdminStudio before publishing them to Intune. For MSIs imported in a catalog, AdminStudio will always add detection rules automatically, and when such MSIs are converted to Intunewin packages, the detection rules from MSI are carried over to Intunewin packages. With this update, AdminStudio can automatically add a customizable PS1 script as a detection rule to Intunewin as part of conversions from EXE packages, if the EXE packages do not have already detection rules taking away the manual work for adding the detection rule to Intunewin packages.
  • Upon launching the MSIX Editor tool in AdminStudio, you will now see the Recently Opened Packages view. This view will help you easily get back to those MSIX packages that you have been recently working on but had to leave in the middle or if you would like to go back to the MSIX packages to review the updates you made to the package.
  • MSIX Editor helps you trace MSIX packages to identify runtime issues and recommends appropriate fixups when issues are found while tracing. Additionally, you can manually apply fixups to MSIX packages to fix the issues. With this update, you can provide your desired name for the fixups while applying to MSIX packages. Based on how you name the fixups, it will make it easy for you to identify the type of fixups applied to an MSIX package.
  • You can import packages from the AdminStudio catalog into the Automated Application Converter (AAC) by connecting to the catalog in AAC. AAC now supports connected to catalogs hosted in Azure SQL. If you have your application catalog hosted on Azure SQL, you will now be able to import packages into AAC to convert to your desired package format.
  • Microsoft Updates: AdminStudio now supports the latest version of Windows 11 23H2 for compatibility and ConfigMgr 2309 for publishing applications from AdminStudio.
  • The latest version of InstallShield 2023 R2 is included in this release.

For full release, please check here.