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My explorer.exe crashes when I do silent install using /qn

Hi all,

I have created a MSI to install my application. However, when I try to do a silent install using my MSI with /qn, I notice that all my desktop icons and windows start bar disappears during the installation. When this happens, I need to use the SAS sequence to start the task manager to launch a new explorer.exe to get my desktop back.

Does anybody have any idea why this happens and how to prevent this? I want to install my application in the background without users' notice.

Also, I noticed that when I try to install my application without using /qn (i.e. with full UI) a pop-up will usually appear to tell me that certain applications (e.g. explorer.exe) is holding to files that require to be update. Normally, I will click the ignore button to carry on with the installation. Is this related to the disappearance of my desktop icons during silent installation?

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Was this MSI created from a capture of an installation using the repackager? It sounds like there are things within the MSI that probably should not be included in the MSI.