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InstallScript Scan does not recognize!

I am trying to convert QuickTime 7.0.3 Installation to a basic msi to deploy through active directory. QT 7.0.3 installer is a setup.exe that unpacks a Quicktime.msi and isscript11.msi. I open the repackager (or remote repackager) and the point it to the setup.exe (actually it was named quicktime.exe). I choose installation monitoring. Next, the setup.exe throws up a progressbar and asks for a language, I choose English and the repackager stops. THEN the both msi's are unpacked to a temp directory. InstallScript Scan never recognizes that this installation is an installshield installation. Any help? I definately do not want to perform a capture. In the past we had to deploy ISScript11.msi and a hacked Quicktime.msi to get Quicktime 7.0.2 to install via active directory... this is not our ideal means of deployment.

On another note, I am using InstallShield AdminStudio 11 (FlexNet). When I install the remote repackager on a virtual pc there are a couple dead icons... such as the repackaging wizard icon. has anyone else seen this?

Secondly, what's up with ISSetup11.msi once installed on a system it causes installation problems for other older Installshield MSI's such as Norton 10 Antivirus admin console. Uninstalling it through add/remove programs doesn't uninstall it, we had to go to the isscript11.msi, right click it and choose uninstall for it to uninstall properly... only then would Norton and other apps install without giving and install script error.

Any help is GREATLY appreciated.
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By Level 11 Flexeran
Level 11 Flexeran
I also saw this problem in QuickTime 7.1, and did some further research. It turns out the QT installer was built by Apple as an uncompressed setup, then compressed into a single executable using a 3rd party tool.

The InstallScript Scan will only recognize an InstallScript MSI setup if it was built and compressed using InstallShield. Since QT 7.x was compressed using a 3rd party tool, the Repackager cannot recognize that it's an InstallScript MSI setup.

I would suggest submitting a feature request to Apple requesting that they build and compress future versions of QT using InstallShield.
InstallScript scans are completely worthless

here is how I approach this type of setup: