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Tuner: 1620 Creation of summary information failed

I have a fairly basic transform for Office XP that I have modified just in the product code setup property. When I try to save it I get the above error. It also says check whether you have enough space and that you are not currently trying to run th e install. I have checked the disk space and its fine and am not running the install. This has just started happening with Tuner and it is also happening with other transforms I am trying to modify.

I'm using Admin Studio 5.5.

Thanks Emma
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Make sure that the files are not read only and are accessible.
Thanks Marwin

I was trying to create a transform in a DFS link. I do have write access to it, I just copied it locally, created the transform and then put it back on the dfs link.
Thanks for posting back here in case someone else runs into that error.