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AdminStudio 2021 does not uninstall completely

Upon Uninstalling AdminStudio 2021, it throws an error that it was interrupted and could not complete.   It does not matter if I utilize the Uninstall feature under Add-Remove Programs, or if I execute the uninstall string found in the registry.  But if I use the uninstall string, I capture an exit code of 1603:

Uninstall String from ARP entry: "C:\Program Files (x86)\InstallShield Installation Information\{D6AB22DC-F133-4605-A75B-87A6BF3AE858}\AdminStudio2021.exe" -remove -runfromtemp

Uninstall fails consistently on multiple machines.  The shortcuts get removed from the Start Menu and the bulk of the AS2021 files are removed, but the Add/Remove Entry is left behind. and of course the installer is saying it did not complete properly.  And it fails to uninstall if the product is registered on the machine, or if it was still in the trial period.

Attached is the "interrupted" dialog - Don't let the wording "installed" at the end of the message fool you - this dialog resulted from an Uninstall action.

Has Flexera tested uninstall?  Can you attempt this in your lab and tell me if you experience the same issue?


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Hi @paul_mcevoy -

Sorry for a delay. We're looking into this issue now and should have something to share soon. 

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Hello moconn

As a corporate customer, I also submitted the question to Flexera as a support case and I was told this is a known issue and will be fixed in a later release of AdminStudio.   Feel free to mark this post closed without a resolution (if that's an option).


Thank you,