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Hi,We have a template that we apply to all our MSI's. I have a very small app to package and was going to use the editor to create an MSI from scratch. When I did this though I could not find out how to apply the template. Does anyone know how to ...

Error 1606 Please Help

I used AdminStudio to repackage an NAI package to an MSI.When I run the MSI I receive the error "Error 1606 Could not access network location @commonprograms\LocalApps\APP"How can I correct this?Thanks!

winsys by Level 3
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Application Catalog Database Sizing

Can anyone provide sizing recommendations for the AdminStudio Pro 7.5 Application Catalog on MS SQL?I'm interested in how much disk space I should plan for the DB. Within 2 years, I expect the catalog to contain ~300 applications. Is there a forumula...

tsmiller by Level 2
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Transform creation problem

I'm having a difficulty with transforms and cab files.First I added some files to the transform, but I found out that I didn't need some of them and removed them. But IS doesn't rebuild the cab file after I removed the files. How can I force IS to re...

How to add NTFS File perm. Change to pkg?

I have an MSI I created, but in order for the application to work properly, I need to change the NTFS file permissions on 1 file. How can I add this change to the MSI so I don't have to do change the file permission manuallly?Thanks.

winsys by Level 3
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Package conflicts

Background:OS: win2kDeployment: GPOUser based software application policy.I start with a clean vmware install from our RIS server, install remote repackager, and take an initial snapshot.Install the software, make some changes, and take final snapsho...

CChong by Level 11 Flexeran
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Distribution Wizard and Zenworks Desktop Applications

Ok i fixed my one problem it was a i get a new error.Thursday, June 23, 2005 10:03:14AMPackaging started on 23-Jun-2005, 10:03:14 AM Object class violationError creating object: Object class violationDistribution completed. Distribution f...

Ferret by Level 2
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Checkbox visibility on uninstallation

Hi guys,I got a project using InstallShield Developer 8.01 (from Admin Studio 5), and I modified the dialog "SetupCompleteSuccess" to display a checkbox (launch program). The checkbox displayed fine at the end of the installation, but it also display...

refresh by Level 2
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Re-packager Problem (7.5)

All,I am attempting to re-package an Oracle product that installs a service. When loading up the re-packager I remove all the global exlusions then proceed to re-package. Once the install is complete and I re-snapshot the installations all of the exc...

Inabus by Level 6
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Adminstudio 7.5 Product Activation

I have been Using Adminstudio 5.5 and 6.0 so farNow I have just paid for an upgrade to Flexnet Adminstudio 7.5I Often reinstall my computer.I gess I will have to go back to WISE PACKAGE STUDIOYour new Product Activation :mad: Sweede

sweede by Level 3
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