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Feature Request: Licensing option for VDI/WVD etc.

More organisations are moving to virtual desktop solutions whether hosted on premises or with one of the cloud prodivers like Microsoft's Windows Virtual Desktop.

There are many benefits to using stateless (non-persistent) pooled desktop i.e. separating OS, application and persona layers.

In this scenario, the user gets a different desktop each time they logon.

This is where the existing AdminStudio licensing options become restrictive.

Self-hosted and Node-locked licenses can be moved between machines but only 3 times per year

A concurrent licence with a customer hosted licence server works technically but is only appropriate where you have a high number of users needing to use AdminStudio occasioanlly

There is no licence option available which is suitable for teams where a small number of users use AdminStudio on a regular basis

I would like to propose a new option for stateless VDI users:
Customer hosted Flexnet server
A separate license per user
Each License is locked to a specific user but can be used on any machine
Licence server ensures the product can be used on one machine at a time


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