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Flexera Alumni

I’ve very excited to announce the general availability of AdminStudio 2021. We are doubling down on our investment in the game-changing Package Feed Module, we are further evolving our MSIX support and we are introducing more options to help integrate AdminStudio into your packaging and patching processes. This is a BIG release!


The AdminStudio Backlog

AdminStudio now features a backlog view to manage packaging requests by priority value. Match backlog items to existing packages in your catalog or to the package feed module for rapid processing (or automated processing via subscription).

To better integrate AdminStudio with your package request process, we have provided a REST API to support adding packaging requests directly to the new AdminStudio backlog.


Package Feed Module Enhancements

We’ve also added custom installation wizards for about a thousand of the Windows Installer packages in the Package Feed Module. Save time by choosing easy to understand, application specific options when importing packages from the Package Feed Module and a customization transform file will be generated accordingly. We are also now including icon files and uninstall commands for most listings.


MSIX Editor Improvements

We’ve made a few updates to the MSIX Editor, including the ability to import registry (.REG) files, some UX improvements and an option to sign packages using a certificate store (as opposed to supplying a certificate file).


MSIX App Attach Support

With our new MSIX App Attach support, you can now easily create the needed VHD (or VHDX) image files to make leveraging MSIX packages easier for those managing Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) environments.


AdminStudio REST API

A documented REST API is now provided to support integration with other solutions and processes (in addition to our existing PowerShell Cmdlet support) including the new Package Backlog feature. 


We’ve also added support for the most recent Microsoft updates including support for Windows Server 2019 and the latest released builds and updates to ConfigMan and its application model.

Click here for full release notes

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