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Distribution Wizard - Changing the default naming Packages Programs in SCCM 2007

Distribution Wizard - I would like to change the default naming Distribution Wizard creates for Packages and Programs in SCCM 2007:
I would like to use the Distribution Wizard but, the default naming does NOT fit into our standards. I looked for XML and config files but, didn't find what I needed. Any help would be great.
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Flexera Alumni

Try using a similar command from the command prompt -
"C:\Program Files (x86)\AdminStudio\2014\ConflictSolver\Distributer.exe" -l "C:\DB\Exe\wise.exe" -dn "wise" -c "PROVIDER=SQLOLEDB.1;Data Source=SQL_SERVER;User ID=username;Initial Catalog=AS_DB;Password=password;" -PackageID 3 -SCCMSite "P01" -SCCMSever "sccm-server" -SCCMTargetGroup "Test" -SCCMPubPath "\\sccm-server\sources" -UserName "domain\username" -Password "password"

You can use the dn switch to change the display name of the exe that will show up in SCCM.

Hope this helps.