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App-V Application deployment strategy

Dear all, we are licensed for the Virtualisation Pack. Haven't yet decided on the best approach for new apps. Do you create an MSI and convert the MSI or go direct to the App-V and forget MSIs?

What benefits have you seen using the AdminStudio tool over native App-V sequencer in your workplace ? Any downsides ?


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Wow, nearly 300 views but no comment.

Anyone ?

Hi Centrino,

The process works always from a MSI perspective.


if using the repackager, you will have an option to repackage to App-V (or any other virtual solution) but the process keeps the same.

if building a MSI from scratch , same thing..

if using the AAC , same thing.. that's the beauty of using AdminStudio.
There is no need for the Sequencer anymore.

remarks: If your repackaged MSI is not a good candidate to convert directly to App-V , you will get an advice to repackage the MSI first.

Reasons: Com+, Drivers, Kernel Services, Conditionalized components, features, custom actions etc..

The AAC will take care of this.

Hope this info helps.

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