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Advertised shortcuts assigned to user policies do not work - IS Developer 8.0

By Level 11 Flexeran
Level 11 Flexeran
This is the first package I have created using IS Developer 8.0 and have hit problems with advertised shortcuts. I have seen other threads describing the same problem but no one has come up with a resolution. Is this a bug in IS Developer 8.0?. Anyway the problem goes like this

1) Directly installing the package by double clicking the msi works fine.

2) Assigning the package to a computer policy also works fine.

3) Assigning the package to a user policy fails at the very end of the install with a fatal shortcut error, no other errors are displayed. The application at this stage is rendered unusable.

Has anyone seen this problem and have a fix?
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The problem is probably that the ALLUSERS property is being set to 1 (machine) even though when you advertised the app, it was set to NULL (user).

Try removing the ISInitAllUsers custom action from your project. Rebuild. Then, test your 3 scenarios.

Only silent installations are affected by the removal of this CA. If you are performing silent installations, keep in mind that the default for all users will now be NULL (user). So, you'll have to specify ALLUSERS=1 on the command line.


One more thing...

You'll have to remove this CA from all sequences using the Sequences view. After doing this, if you want to remove it completely from the project, use the direct editor to delete that record from the CustomAction table.