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Import Data to spider

Dear community,

is there a possibility to import something to Spider? f.e. list of documents number? dates?

If yes, is there a manual somewhere how to do this? Is an Admin User needed for this?

Thank you for your replies!

Best regards

Emili Horvat



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By Level 6 Flexeran
Level 6 Flexeran

Hi Emili Horvat,

yes, this is possible on several ways. The UI supports uploading Excel files for many (predefined) objects. For interfaces, we're more likely to use the Spider importer service or another probably customized interface.

From the Web UI, you can find the Bulk Import on the search forms of several objects, e.g. Asset. With this functionality, Spider allows to insert, update and even delete objets (if the user has appropriate permissions). If you like to update assets for example, the easiest way would be to search for the assets you like to update, than export them to an Excel file. You can edit the data in the Excel file and place the data back through the Bulk Import.

Bulkimport.png (Find bigger Image attached)

To get access to the bulk Import, the user has to be assigned to the forms BulkImport and BulkOperations. This could be done through a role- or profile-permission. To operate on the objects, the user also needs the object permissions for each one he/she likes to update. This is usually ensured with normal system operations. 

The bulk Import is documented in the Spider user manual. This can be found under:
(You have to scroll down and select the PDF Manuals tab)

Greetings from Hamburg