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By Level 6 Flexeran
Level 6 Flexeran

The February 2024 update of the Spider Software Services is available.

All components are available in our Product and License Center.


  • Software patterns have been added for Solid Documents, arvato, Verlag Europa, Datawatch, HiBase Group, Investintech, StarWind, FIRST, Yokogawa, Weidmueller, and Vero
  • Parallel Usage License Metrics Procedures added for Adobe, Autodesk, Red Hat, Jetbrains, Trellix, Ques Software, and others
  • Added Parallel Usage Bundles
  • Further improvements of the product catalog are processed by renaming manufacturers and the migration of products and product versions to the successor. This version contains the following migrations:
    • Chris Lovett becomes Chris Lovett Software
    • Codice Software becomes Unity Technologies
    • combit becomes combit Software
    • DigitalVolcano becomes DigitalVolcano Software
    • Dino Nuhagic becomes Nlitesoft
    • EMS becomes EMS Software Development
    • EmTec becomes EmTec Innovative Software
    • Evolus becomes Evolution Solutions
    • ExtendOffice becomes ExtendOffice Technology
    • Foxit becomes Foxit Software
    • GanttProject becomes BarD Software
    • Graphpad becomes GraphPad Software
    • Haystack becomes Haystack Software
    • Hyperionics becomes Hyperionics Technology
    • IBF becomes IBF Solutions
    • Ilium becomes Ilium Software
    • InterSect Alliance becomes Prophecy
    • Joachim Koopmann becomes Joachim Koopmann Software
    • Jongde Software becomes Mockplus Technology
    • Keysight Software becomes Keysight Technologies
    • Klett becomes Ernst Klett Verlag
    • Kroll Ontrack becomes KLDiscovery Ontrack
    • Lattice becomes Lattice Technology
    • becomes Guenther Wegner
    • LSoft becomes LSoft Technologies
    • Lutum+Tappert becomes infas 360
    • Kofax becomes Tungsten Automation


  • The Azure AD Connector will now deliver users again, which display names start with hashtags and / or ampersand.
  • Under certain circumstances, the Oracle database import could fail due to a constraint. This issue has been fixed.

Recognition Catalog

The Recognition Catalog contains normalization and recognition capabilities for more than

  • 3.036.773 inventoried programs,
  • 151.157 software publisher, and
  • 7.716.780 inventoried files.

For more details, please check the Recognition Change Notes document.

Software and SKU Catalog

The Software Catalog contains more than 1.256.082 relevant and normalized articles (SKUs) of software licenses and maintenances and more than 74.213 license relevant product versions. 
Summary of the supplemented catalog items:

  • Articles (SKUs): 9.424
  • Versions: 1095