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If you are using an automated method for deploying the Columbus Inventory Scanner, then it may be useful to create a custom *.tar file which already contains the necessary configuration.

You can modify the file “ColumbusInventoryScanner.tar” prior to deployment using the “tar” command on a suitable system. The goal is to swap out the files needed for installation in any given environment, this is opposed to specifying the files on install.

Normally it is the two files “ColumbusInventoryScanner.cfg” and “cis.prv” that are swapped out.

Within the “ColumbusInventoryScanner.tar” these are located:


You can save the following as a “*.bat” file on the Data Collector to accomplish this:
Change the paths to suit your environment


@echo off
#Change working Directory to "cis"
cd "C:\Program Files\Spider\DataCollector\cis"
#Creates a Directory called "temp" in the current working Directory 
mkdir "temp"
#Creates a Directory called "Custom tar" in the current working Directory
mkdir "Custom tar"
#Untars the original file "ColumbusInventoryScanner.tar" into the folder "temp"
tar -xvzf ColumbusInventoryScanner.tar -C temp
#Copies the config file from working directory into the "temp" Directory
copy ColumbusInventoryScanner.cfg temp\etc
#Copies the *.prv file from working directory into the "temp" Directory
copy cis.prv temp\etc\.ssh
#creates a new tar "ColumbusInventoryScanner.tar" in the folder "Custom tar" with all the contents of the folder "temp"
tar -C temp -cvf "Custom tar\ColumbusInventoryScanner.tar" *
#removes the "temp" folder 
rmdir /S /Q "temp"




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