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Spider 6.4.9 update is available

Release Date: 2023-07-14

A new update has been released for Spider. Please see the included changes below. To be notified of these kinds of product updates, please ensure that you have subscribed to the Spider Release blog.

Changed system requirements

Starting with Spider 6.4.9, Microsoft .Net Framework version 4.8 is required. The .Net Framework version must be installed on the Spider application server, otherwise Spider 6.4.9 cannot be used.

New Features and Improvements to Spider in July 2023

Spider 6.4.9 includes the following product features and improvements.

Feature Description
Deactivate products from product catalog

Once activated product from the Spider product catalog can now be deactivated in the configuration pages of the Spider product catalog. Those products will be removed from Spider if they do not have object relations in the system.

Please find more information under

Article: Deactivate Products from Product Catalog

Window Server Licensing Optimization Report
The new report "Windows Server License Optimization" shows how many licenses are required for Standard, Datacenter or per VM licensing for each cluster and/or host. The variant with the lowest costs is displayed as a recommendation.


Corrections in Spider 6.4.9

The July 2023 update of Spider contains the following corrections.

Feature Description
User interface
  • If a file of a document cannot be found, a message is displayed in the document's details page.
  • In grouped searches, under certain circumstances, the search results in sub-searches were not correctly filtered.
  • The page for assigning users to a role could not be called up correctly under certain circumstances.
  • The hierarchy control might display its values as a single line.
  • In reports, the export was not possible if the data sources contained column names with a hyphen.
  • Under certain circumstances, a comment was requested from the user during product activation, which could not be displayed later.
  • The number of search results of an index-based search is now displayed according to the local settings.
Business logic
  • The synchronization process between Software Recognition and Spider Asset might create duplicate employees which came from the Active Directory.
  • If the inheritance of a legal entity to a software assignment was interrupted and is to be restored, the parent legal entity had to be specified when editing via bulk import.
  • If Windows Servers were running on guests within a cluster, not all virtual Windows Server instances in the cluster were counted for the hosts in the cluster.
  • Product groupings were not taken into account when deleting obsolete products from the Product Catalog.
  • In the Spider Asset Service, a null reference exception could occur due to unconsidered object relations.
  • The License server formerly was not able to be executed when FIPS was enabled on the server system.