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AD users import

does anybody know, how to add another filters to AD users import connector in spider?
You can add: filter="<Filter string>"
And eg.: filter="(Enabled -ne $false)", so it might import only users which are not disabled.
But what if we need to add another filter such as:

Users who changed their password reset in last 180 days

Users who logged on to AD in last 90 days

and exclude all users who never logged on to AD.

Thank you


(2) Replies

Hi Vlad,


Are you aware of the parameters of the Get-ADUser Filter? Or would you like assistance with these?

What are your intensions? to only import users of the set filters? 


Kind regards,

James Ellis

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I need set filter to import only users who havent changed their password in last 180 days, I have powershell query for that, and I need to add it into spider ADUserObjects connector line.
Get-ADUser -Filter 'Enabled -eq $True' -Properties PasswordLastSet | Where-Object {$_.PasswordLastSet -gt (Get-Date).adddays(-180)}