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With Spider 6.4.10, a new functionality will help Spider users to stay compliant especially for Microsoft product installations: Binding periods.

One of Microsoft’s licensing rules states that a license that is attached to an installation must remain with the installation for at least 90 days. Within that timeframe, the license must remain regardless of the existence of the installation. If the installation is removed from a device within the first 90 days after the installation, the license must cover the installation anyways.

General way of working

A binding period can be defined per manufacture. Installations can not be deleted in Spider, when the installation is younger the defined binding period. Furthermore, the synchronization processes between Software Recognition and Spider have been revised to ensure that installations within the binding period will not be deleted automatically.

With updating to Spider 6.4.10 the binding period will be set to 90 days for the manufacturer Microsoft. Other manufacturers will not be considered via update.

To enable binding periods, the field “Binding period” in the edit form of the manufacturer shall be used. The value has to be defined in days (non-negative integer).



Synchronization process
For the synchronization of the binding periods between manufacturers and software, a new service task has been invented: SoftwareUpdater. By default, the service task will be executed in a 5 minute interval.

To monitor the service task, please refer to the Service monitor page, with is accessible in the System information area in the Spider main menu.

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