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Flexera Alumni

We had a minor update to SVM published on April 21st which included the following changes:

Intune Enhancements

  • Agent deployment via Intune
  • Addressed multiple bugs
    • In some cases, patches may be applied even when the application was not present on the device, or an earlier version of the application was not present
    • In some cases, when a targeted endpoint contained a newer version than the published version, the downgraded version was mistakenly being installed
    • When the option to always install was selected for a patch, it would not always be applied to the target device as expected
    • In some cases, SPS and VPM packages would not install to update as expected

SSO Integration with Azure

    • Support for IDP initiated Azure login now available (article)
    • Support for Service Provider initiated Azure Login (if a user directly comes to SVM we are able to direct them to Azure) is forthcoming