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Data discrepancy while generating report


I was generating Flexera report and while doing initial configuration I've chosen "all Watchlist" to be selected while generating the report.

This means I should only get only those advisories in report which are applicable to at least one of the my Watchlist.

When I generated the report and start reading it thoroughly then found so many irrelevant advisories coming up which means advisories which are not belonging to any of our Watchlist even those are also listing in report.

Please help me to understand this if this is some known problem or am I doing something wrong here.


Thanks in advance

Ayush Garg

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By Level 7 Flexeran
Level 7 Flexeran

Would you please elaborate a little more about your issue? For example, how many products do you have in your watchlist and generated report has added which product is not on the watchlist? So we can try to reproduce it and get back to you accordingly. 

Hi Aslam,

When I generate report then I need to select which all watchlist should be included in the report.

Here I selected all the watchlists which are used in our organization but when I looked into report then realized there are many other advisories which are not part of any of the watchlist showing up in the report.

Attaching here the one of product name which is not part of any watchlist. Let me know if you need more clarity on this.

We did more investigation, and it seems like one of your watchlists where you have added a red hat as a vendor, and a red hat owns Cygwin product, so it is coming into your reports. We have successfully tested this internally. Please check all your watchlists if you have red hat added as a vendor and get back to us?

Hello Aslam,

Thank you for doing the investigation.

For validating your answer I looked back our Flexera portal and found that "Red Hat" is not added in any of Watchlist as a vendor.

If red hat would have been added in any of the Watchlist as a vendor then we must have received Cygwin's advisory in our mail box but there is no such advisory from Cygwin.

We might need a support ticket from your side to investigate this further. Would you please create a ticket via your Flexera Support Community account? We will schedule a call with you to investigate further. 

Hello Aslam,

Support ticket is raised.

Case #02488201

Thank you

Hello Aslam,

Can you let us know by when this bug can be fixed as we are not able to share reports to our customers.


We already have an ongoing support ticket with Flexera SVM, and now we have replied to that ticket. We encourage you to log in to your Flexera Support community portal and respond to the ongoing  SVM support ticket.