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By Level 8 Flexeran
Level 8 Flexeran

The SVM August 2023 Update is live now. This update brings to you the following valuable product enhancements:

  • The SVM Scan Agent by default excluded certain paths on a device for scanning. These paths are now made available in the Settings under the Configuration menu. You now have the flexibility to either include or exclude while scanning for vulnerable software on a device.


  • You can now directly add a path to the Block List from your scan results. Right-click on the new Add to Block List option that is added in the context menu under the Smart Groups / Completed Scans > Installations window to add your desired paths to the Block List.


  • While generating reports that result in large-sized CSV files, it was found that intermittently the reports ran into errors and failed. To eliminate the possibility of report failure, the file will now be split into multiple files of smaller size approximately 500 MB each.  This enhancement also helps improve the performance of report generation.

To read the full release notes, please click here.