How to get started with Software Vulnerability Manager

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All software is vulnerable. You can manage software vulnerabilities easily with the right solutions. Software Vulnerability Manager is a cloud-based application that helps you stay head of potential threats. If you’re first getting started or need a refresher with SVM, your best bet is checking out the instructional videos on Flexera’s Learning Center. A good place to begin learning is with the video series titled “Getting Started with Software Vulnerability Manager.”

SVM is a browser-agnostic product that also works well on mobile devices. With its Vulnerability Manager, you can utilize a watch list for products against know research to create alerts for threats and potential problems with software. Using your watch list, you can create a process for tickets to fix identified vulnerabilities. SVM provides all the details you need to fix any bug, threat or problem.

How to get started with SVMHow to get started with SVM

With SVM’s Workflow Management, you can set conditions for how tickets are processed. And the reporting gallery supplies real-time data for getting the bigger picture on your vulnerability management.

You’ll find discovery tools for scanning software and sending the results to be compared by Flexera’s research database. There also are settings for scheduling scans.

SVM’s Patch Library feature can be tailored to show you patches for only your products. Flexera’s tutorial “Software Vulnerability Patching” will walk you through the steps to create and deploy patches. It also shows how to automate patching, automatically making them available as software updates. In the “Software Vulnerability Reporting,” steps are outlined for generating various reports and who will receive a report.

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