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Attribute description for advisories

is there a document somewhere that provides a detailed description of the fields in the advisories obtained via the API?


For example the products list... Or more precisely, the cpe's within the products list...



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By Level 7 Flexeran
Level 7 Flexeran

Hello Hamish, 

We do have an API to see all the product advisory details along with CPE information. 

For example : 

Please try to access the sample API link: with your SVR login credentials and you will find all the details related to that product advisory. 

Please note: Your forum post has also created a support ticket and we will get back to you on that ticket also. 

We hope this clarifies. 





Yes, and I use the API to gather the details. But I'm looking for an in-depth description of the attributes that come back in the response. I did find the SAID-Anatomy PDF, but that only includes a few of the elements (And doesn't match them to attribute names but fortunately they aren't very ambiguous).


There is nothing about the references or product CPE's though. 



Hi @hamish 

I'm looking into the questions you shared offline which are much more specific than general descriptions but to address just that here:

  • CPE represents CPE data from NVD when available, the spec can be found here
  • "References" are simply links to notable external resources