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Download of new 2019 Installshield

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I am trying to download the new version 2019. When I get to download and License page, I see no options to download. I am logged in but no downloads or licenses show on the page at all...
by bruce_benson Flexera beginner


0 3 1300
My install creates a database instance for a SQL 2005 server. It does not include my client side application. The install creates a DB and executes some SQL scripts. When the scripts are executed they run under the “NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM”. I need the s...
by _shielder_ Pilgrim

Registering 64-bit native DLL failed

0 15 185
I use InstallShield 2016 Professional edition. The project is InstallScriptOperating system: Windows 7 64-bit.The COM-based DLL file is native 64-bit. I could not register as self-register, as few components are added at a later stage. So at the ver...
by helenAtHoriba Flexera beginner

Some text fields pre-populated on upgrade

0 0 5
InstallShield 2018 R2In some text fields of the dialogs, some values are pre-populated with values used by the previous install. Example: I have a textbox where the user entered a database name. The next time the user runs the installer, the value ...
by marcboggs Pilgrim

Reactivation installshield

0 1 23
Hello,I'm not able to reactived my license on InstallShield 2011.I choose offline activation, it show me the request text, i click "next" and after it say me "Activation Complete!".So after i start InstallShield and the popup "InstallShield Reactivat...
by kevin_m Pilgrim

Reactivating license for install Shield

0 1 15
I did returned license from my older machine and trying to activate on new machine and getting error as "Serial number you purchased requires product registration prior to serial number activation" , how to proceed now?
by deveshkasat Flexera beginner

Building an MSI with prerequites

0 1 11
Hello,I would like to build a software package with InstallShield 2018 R2 (Professional Editon), which should contain an already existing MSI package with additional changes. How can I best achieve this?With the prerequisite-editor and redistributabl...
by TJoehnk Pilgrim

Set global properties during installation are not changed

0 2 24
Set properties issuesDescription:Hi, We have 2 problems which i faced: 1. during installation we define specific global property that will indicate when value is='FE' to show FE features in custom and when value is='BE' show features relevant to BE f...
by michaelb Flexera beginner

How to make installer to install earlier version

0 3 31
Hi,in an install script project, how can we let the installer to install earlier version than installed version (a) how to make an installer to downgrade? I am stuck with a pop-up saying "This setup installs an earlier version"Thanks,.
by balaji_ayyanar Flexera beginner

Error on Page

0 6 84
I'm getting a yellow error page with the message "Server Error in '/Services/Autoresponder' Application" when trying to register and download the InstallShield Limited Edition for Visual Studio.
by BDoctorCW Flexera beginner

Calling a .cmd file from InstallShield

0 1 16
I need to create an install shield form which will prompt for three values. Then the values will be passed on to a .cmd file which InstallShield will be calling. Does anyone know how to do that? I just need to know how to call the .cmd file from the ...
by Lexicon Pilgrim

InstallShied project type & features

0 2 43
Hi,I am new joiner to this community and just subscribed for InstallShield 2019 Pro. Basically we would like to create single click installer from our packages listed in the below:1.Hardware Requirement Dialog (number of CPUs, Memory and Diskspace av...
by javasaran Flexera beginner

.NET 4.8 Offline installation takes 15 mins

0 3 54
Hello,I'm trying to solve an issue we are noticing with InstallShield installing 4.8 framework. When we do a clean/fresh install of our product, the pre-req (.net 4.8) installs in about 5 mins (as expected).But when we do an upgrade of our product an...
by twunky Flexera beginner


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